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Bad Habits #13: Clinging to the Past

We often let negative communication patterns (flaws) become habits, that are unnoticeable to ourselves. This creates challenges and roadblocks in our interactions with others.

One form of “Clinging to the past” is the need to deflect blame away from ourselves and onto events and people from our past; a subset of blaming everyone else. (Leaders who do this include every new political administration at every level of government, at least that I can think of.)

When it isn’t “blaming others” this clinging to the past may be a comfort with the familiar. In my experience, most entrepreneurs continue for too long habits that helped them when they were running a smaller company. Now, in the context of a larger company, their role has changed and their habits must change.

Corporate executives face the same challenge as they move up to broader responsibilities. A new role requires new habits. Too often we fall back into old behavior patterns not appropriate to the current situation.

Where are you clinging to the past? Have you ever asked your subordinates or peers? Pay particular attention to something brought up by more than one person. And if you still don’t see it as an issue, trust the group, it’s an issue.

Learn from the past. Don’t live there.

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